Emser E-Quarry 6" x 6" Matte Quarry Abrasive Tile

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Color: Lava Abrasive
Size: 6" x 6"
Box Coverage: 5.5 sqft |  PCs/Carton: 22
Box Coverage: 5.5 sqft |  PCs/Carton: 22

Box Price: $32.51 Box Price: $32.51 Total Price: $32.51
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Barcode: Q01EQUALA0606A
Barcode: Q01EQUACO0606A
PCs per box: 22
PCs per box: 22
Coverage Area: 5.5
Coverage Area: 5.5
Weight: 25.74 lb
Width: 6 inch
Length: 6 inch
Thickness: 11.0 mm
Collection: E-Quarry
Composition: Quarry
Design: Abrasive Tile
Surface Type: Matte
Installation Type: Thin Set
Usage: Commercial | Residential


When durability and slip resistance are paramount, Unglazed Quarry Tile emerges as the optimal choice for installations. Its extruded/die skin composition minimizes breakage, and its relieved edges mitigate chipping. Furthermore, for superior slip resistance, consider the aggregate surface variation.

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